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Wilson or Carroll? The crucial choice facing Seattle after a disastrous 2021

After a period of unprecedented, sustained success, the Seahawks have bottomed out. Now, they’re at a crossroads. Defeat to the Bears last Sunday dropped the Seahawks to 5-11 on the

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New Zealand aims for zero smokers in a generation. Could the plan work elsewhere?

Nearly all countries agree: Smoking is bad, and getting people to kick the habit is a worthy public health goal. But no country has ever attempted what New Zealand is

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Nord Stream 2 go-ahead could come in mid-2022

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is to transport Russian gas to Germany, could get approved in the middle of the year, the CEO of one of the project’s financial

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Microsoft issues a fix for Exchange Y2K22 bug that shut down company emails

If you woke up on January 1st, 2022, and found that your work email’s inbox was unusually empty, you aren’t alone. Microsoft rang in the New Year with a bug

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Hairdresser shares most annoying thing customers ask including ‘quick’ cuts

A hairdresser has revealed the most annoying things she is asked by customers – and said she finds it infuriating when they come in and ask for a ‘quick’ cut.

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