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A man claims to have seen a triangular ‘ UFO ‘ with ‘cloaking abilities’ on New Year’s Eve – in a sighting that is eerily similar to one made in Britain just a few months ago.

UFO enthusiast Vaultteam6 managed to capture a video of the mysterious object flying over Columbus Ohio, and it shows three lights floating in a triangular shape.

The clip is very similar to a video captured by a doorbell camera in Britain in November, as Matt Doughty, 43, was baffled by a strange triangular object gliding over his house in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

The new sighting, which has been shared on Reddit, left the witness shocked as the lights suddenly disappeared – leaving him to think the UFO has the ability to make itself invisible.

After the video was shared on Reddit, other experts commented on the clip to share their thoughts.

One said: “We’ve seen lots of alien craft lately, released by United States military, it’s getting in the news. People are shrugging it off like it doesn’t matter.

“You can’t ignore the facts that are right in front of us and this was recorded by the multi-billion dollar camera on the International space station.

“That makes it undeniable evidence recorded by NASA themselves on live cam.”

Back in November, Matt was shocked after his doorbell camera filmed a ‘triangular UFO ‘ flying over his home – and the footage shows a trio of lights moving slowly across the sky.

He was watching TV with his friend Kevin Barritt when his phone pinged with a notification from his smart doorbell, warning something was outside his front door.

He then played the captured footage and was amazed as he watched the eerie scene unfold, with an unidentified flying object gliding through the sky with three bright lights beaming through the darkness.

Logistics manager Matt then called his aviation buff dad who checked an online flight tracker and claimed there was ‘no plane traffic’ in the sky at all – leaving him to question if it could be extraterrestrial life.