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Leveraging outer space to advance stem cell science and medicine

The secret to producing large batches of stem cells more efficiently may lie in the near-zero gravity conditions of space. Scientists at Cedars-Sinai have found that microgravity has the potential

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Scientists retool CAR T cells to serve as ‘micropharmacies’ for cancer drugs

Immunotherapies called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells use genetically engineered versions of a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer. These treatments have energized cancer care, especially for people

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New Zealand aims for zero smokers in a generation. Could the plan work elsewhere?

Nearly all countries agree: Smoking is bad, and getting people to kick the habit is a worthy public health goal. But no country has ever attempted what New Zealand is

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Researchers explore impact of inadequate gestational weight gain

Inadequate gestational weight gain (GWG) is associated with an increased risk for adverse infant outcomes, even among women with obesity, according to a study published online Dec. 30 in JAMA

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Who are smarter, rocket scientists or brain surgeons?

We use ‘it’s not rocket science’ and ‘it’s not brain surgery’ almost interchangeably to say that we don’t think something is very difficult to do or to understand. Which phrase

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Recognizing ‘holiday heart’

“Holiday heart” may sound like another joyous part of the holiday season. “But, in the cardiology world, ‘holiday heart’ actually refers to this effect of the stress of too much

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